How To Make Money At Home For Busy Moms!


howtomakemoneybusymoms(1)I am a mom-A BUSY mom!  I  searched for several  years  wrestling with the  almighty question  how to make money at home?! Who could I trust? What did I want in a home business? How to go about it? How to make real money and how long would it take? These were just a few of the questions I asked.

Like many people I know,  I  did not have anyone to talk to or  ask  these questions I am going to ask you. I didn’t have a network or support person to confide my concerns in. The only person I had to get information from was the person marketing me the business. Mind you, things have come a long way,baby!

You can now Google just about any company or service you want to do business with and find all the answers to your questions with a click of a button. Still, the questions exist and do not just go away simply because we have Google or what ever other search engine we use.

We still need real people to answer our questions and concerns. We are also busier than ever. So, it is great when we can find someone that can answer these questions without all the clicks and interruptions in doing so. Am I right?

Maybe, that is exactly why you are here. To ask questions and find answers which I am happy to provide. Or, at least, point you in the right direction!

So, Why are You Here?

Are you wanting to make money at home? Do you need to be home, but, income is scarce? Are the kids needing you at home and you need to leave a “real” j-o-b? Are you just too busy to think? Well, let’s just start there. I am going to assume you are a busy mom wanting just that, to make money at home. Here you go…My little helper

For a busy mom, my suggestions are to ask yourself a LOT of questions first, before starting an at-home business. Create a picture- not just in your mind, but, on paper- with goals and steps to get to where you want to go. With that picture in mind, we will create a PLAN.

The Questions and the Plan

Ask yourself these questions before jumping into a business:

  • What do you want to to do?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What want , need, or problem can you fix?
  • What do you have time for?
  • How much time do you have?
  • What training do you think you need?
  • How much are you willing to invest in training?
  • What are you goals?

The questions may be overwhelming. But, what is more overwhelming is jumping into a business venture without asking anything at all. That moment when we need money is no time to jump headfirst into a situation thinking it is quick money. You may likely find yourself worse off than before.

STOP! If you want free, quick money, go talk to dad. Because, that is about the only place you are going to find it.( insert chuckling here!)… Most opportunities require money. Most legitimate opportunities require some kind of commitment as well.

You have to put forth some effort somewhere to get where you want to go and now is the time we are going to nail it all down together.

Get out your iPhone or good old fashioned paper and pen and answer those above items now. Do NOT go any further until you have.

Your New Goals and Plan in ConcreteWorking out a plan

Creating goals and a plan that looks good to you is number 1.  Do NOT go forward without something on paper, because, you will want to have answers that will will help you move in the right direction at all times. Somewhere, you will get stuck on a concern, or make a mental note and will not want to  spend a lot of energy trying to remember that one critical thing.

To have all the elements of your plan in place before you pursue your goals is the surest path to success. You will be able to plow through the opportunities presenting themselves to you and get to that one thing you need to focus on.

Your new plan can look as simple as this:

  • I want a website.
  • I want to sell soap.(or antiques, miniature poodles, etc) What ever it is that you love, do!
  • I want to spend (short term goals)3 hours a day or 7 hours a week on my website.
  • I am willing to commit( long term goals 1 -3 years) to my goals.
  • I do not know how so I need training.
  • I do know how, but, some brushing up would be great.
  • I need branding!

Answer these questions. Put them on paper for a simple plan or  you can create a plan with Venn diagrams and chart your specific  steps to each phase of your business proposal. Whatever turns you on and helps you get it done! Do that!

Now, that you have a plan.  I pray you do!!  The pressure is off of you now to figure it out, and you will have new energy  pursue it!. OH! THAT is what I want! Let’s go get it!

See the difference in your energy NOW? You are now able to direct yourself and not waste your time mindlessly spinning your wheels not knowing where to go. Know that you know where you want to go!

Remember, Going Forward With Your Plan That….image003-e1460048156271-300x243

  • This is YOUR business.
  • Share your business venture with like-minded individuals and have a support network for doing so.
  • You own your business. It does NOT own you.
  • You control your business plan, not others.
  • You decide how complicated or how simple a business plan you desire. NO one else! (But, do not be afraid to get advice if you need it!)
  • You make the decisions regarding all aspects of your business, no matter how nontraditional or unorthodox they are.
  • Make sure your  business gives you the freedom and flexibility to do all the above.
  •  P.S.Do what you love, because you will be spending a LOT of time doing it!

Or else, you will become quite disappointed very quickly.

The Equipment for the Plan

After you have a plan,  and I  assume that  you are not reading this on a library computer and have a computer of your own. But, if you are at the library or on someone else’s computer reading this and have gotten this far, kudos to you. You must be either very serious or seriously bored…nevertheless, let’s keep going!

I apologize for having to state the obvious here, but, yes, you need your own computer.  Something big enough to do the hard work without interruption. But not so big it takes up your whole kitchen or bedroom, where ever you choose to set up shop! Again, the key equipment to get you started is this:

  •  Again, it is a must to have a reliable and fast computer with the best anti-virus and  anti-malware you can afford . The first month I had my first website up, I got hit with malware. It was so upsetting, because, all the years my husband had his computer business, he was able to keep everything optimized for his clients.  He had since moved on to another j-o-b and no longer working at home, so, I was not optimized anymore. Yet, my cry for help brought him running to my rescue. He had to do a low-level format and reinstall everything. Then, I made sure I purchased AVG and Malwarebytes! Lesson learned.
  • You need a cellphone or landline or both!
  • Branding-your new identity.

A Brand With a Plan

(Or,what you don’t need!)24.-Wanita-Seksi-yang-Paling-Diimpikan-Pria2

Before you get all excited and  run out to buy all your office supplies, business cards and long distance phone plans,  and domain names….Hold on! Consider your business plan. Always refer to your plan. Are magnetic name plates on your vehicle a part of your plan? Write it down, but, wait until your plan is finalized.

Wait for the extras until you have your website up and running successfully. Unless of course, you are in construction or an industry that requires you for carrying that  brand/identity around with you physically.

Those of us behind a computer really only need a logo, and Gravatar(an avatar or picture that connects you to your email) and  most likely a matching header for our website. Those are the basics of branding an identity, but, we will get specific a branding soon enough.

Get your training or at least start your training before you make a lot of unnecessary purchases and unwise decisions.

Business cards, while may be necessary later on, are not the most important item on the list. Particularly, if you have not considered your own personal branding.

Take time now to consider that very thing.  Have you even considered all the factors above to have an idea of  what your own branding will look like.

Look at others peoples’ branding in your same industry to get an idea of what you want or do not want.

I normally go to a place like to have people work on my ideas until they mesh with my vision. Most are very helpful and do an excellent job. Be sure to do your homework on who you use and do not stop until you are satisified with the finished product.

Get your branding ideas for your business down on paper, but also, be keenly aware that they could change down the line if you absolutely need them to. I actually have done many revisions on a website of mine during the development. Which is not the most effective or productive idea going forward, because I did not have a strong sense of who I was or what I was doing.

Try your best to have your branding consistent though, in whatever you doing and try to have it early on as you establsih a web presense, particulary if you own your own website.

Branding may be less of a concern for you if you are network marketing an already established business who will provide their own branding and resources for you. Another plus for network marketing!

Getting Started on Your Planimg-cartoon-woman-pointing-books

Okay, now you are ready to pursue your dreams. What kind of vehicle to you want to use to get started on your dreams? What? You don’t know. Well, I didn’t either, so, let  me break it down to a couple of things for you first.

Network Marketing versus Affiliate Marketing

You may want to  use a nice MLM  that comes with its own website that you can refer others to called Network Marketing.

Or, maybe…

You will  want to create your own website to use other peoples products or services and make commissions called Affiliate Marketing.

Either way, the thing you are aiming for is a residual income, right? Both of  those have benefits.

A good business strategy in my book is most likely going to have a a balance of each of these marketing tools.

>>>>>Check out my post on how to get started in affiliate marketing which you will find here<<<<<


An  Important Aspect  in Your at Home Business Plan…..

Recurring income versus one-time sales!

Money that  you will be able to depend  on coming into your bank account month after month is called recurring income.

Obviously, a one-time sale is just that and though, if automated properly. If you know how to handle the customer/client relationship, you could potentially turn a one-time sale into recurring income.

Ideally, it is best to take the guess work out of number 2 and stick to number 1. Yet again, your business should have the flexibility with the tools you are using to have a mix of both. If that  is what you want.

You may consider having an MLM in place to make money a little faster if you desire time to create your own products to sell later. That is a great business strategy and may take some pressure off, so that you can become that creative genius!

Basically, it would be in your best interest to have several income streams and not rely on just one, which is the beauty of making money AT HOME !

One income stream or vehicle may allow you to focus on generating another income which while slower, may lead to greater dividends at a later time.

Digital Marketing For Your Business Plan

Think about how you want to market your business venture NOW in the beginning and, again, write it down. Take time to get comfortable with marketing your ideas if you are not already. If you are not comfortable now, you will be surprised how fun and natural you will be able to make it with social media. Don’t let that fear stop you!

>>>>I wrote a post to help you figure that very plan entitled the Easy Guide to Digital Marketing that you can find here<<<<<

Are you ready or do you need a little more help? Take a look at a few links I have here for you. It may provide you more ideas and give you some time to think about what your plan can consist of.
CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis offered advice on “The Early Show” about how to avoid the scams and pull in some real money.

For your very first step in creating a plan for a busy mom, watch this video below from Lydia Senn!

Thank you for watching and for taking time to read! Please leave a comment or question below.. and I will talk to you soon!


P.S. When first coming out of the gate, my attempt to create a business at home was a pretty dry and frustrating experience UNTIL I got involved with Wealthy Affiliate, which, has 2 complete training courses on Online Entrepreneurship and Affiliate Boot-camp! Beleive me, I took full advantage of this awesome training. You can too!

I am so thankful to have found so many good reviews concerning Wealthy Affiliate that lead me to this wonderful like minded community  featuring Live Chat for those urgent problems I encountered or the forums where I could post a not-so-urgent question if I felt I  just needed more information to make important decisions.

>>>>>You can take a look at Wealthy Affiliate here to come join me!<<<<<<<<


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Tips to Busy Moms for Working at Home!


You want to work at home. You are tired. You don’t know where you kids are. Your hubby is exhausted working 24/7 it seems like.. Does any of  this elegant_mac_by_fernandoroser-d5wdv7osound familiar? Yes?

Are you and your partner working around the clock and still not paying bills. Is you every day job ever going to give you a raise. Do you want to really actually fire your boss? Is time for you to be a B.O.S.S.!?!

Why am I asking You these questions?

Because I want you to stop and think. Stop now and think about what you really want to be doing .. Make a mental picture right now.

  1. What does it look like?
  2. Write down some steps to get there.
  3.  Today,   before you go to bed,  do one  productive thing  to make a step toward those steps on that paper!

Why do I Care About What You DO?

I care because I know how you feel. I care because I hate being miserable or seeing people in misery, honestly! Life is so short to have a J.O.B. this is not satisfying.

How Can I look Great and Still do All I Need to DO?!1

  1. Eat right.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Get rest!
  4. Drink plenty of water!
  5. Get lots of sunshine!
  6. Essentially, take care of yourself! If that means wash your face and moisturize,  then take time to do just that.

Get up. Get dressed. Put your shoes on.  be ready for the day and for anything that comes your way. This doesn’t mean be dressed to the T, but,  be comfortable with yourself and your appearance. Have fun. Fix your hair or use a touch of makeup, even if its your favorite blush or lipgloss.  My rule of thumb on lipstick is a little goes a LONG way.. The more natural the look,the better!

Clean Your House!flylady

Now, do not get me wrong here, my house is not perfect… It never well be, but, I do like to get things off the floor and the counters and SHINE THE SINK . The Fly Lady is an inspiration to me and can help you out too if you are look for a way to keep your home clean and feel good about yourself!


Basically, take back your life!

That is it in a nutshell. To be your own boss, you have got to take steps to take back your life!

Is it going to be easy? Probably not!

Are you going to have to do some work? Most likely. Are you going to lose some sleep? Potentially! But, it is either that or keep doing things the harder way, losing more sleep and being more miserable until the day you die!

So, map out that plan and start taking steps now however small they may be…

You got this! You can do this! I believe in you! we will talk more later! Until then… TTYL! Gosh, I better go get some sunshine!

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Good changes and MLMROD!

Lots of changes going on and I am excited to be in the midst of them. One of them is that I have been focusing on lead generation and found a great tool for you to try!

Lead Generation Tip

For most of us we have a warm market and a cold market when building mlm or a business. The warm market , being your friends family and relatives will normally never look at you the same once you approach them with your business opportunity, right? Enter MLM ROD- Recruit on Demand!

mlmrod You will get 100 leads automatically for signing up for a one time 15 dollar fee.  They also have 2 upgrade levels, but if you refer 3 people it is free. Yes, free! So go ahead and check them out and see if it is something that can help grow your business!


New Business

Number 2 change is my new wellness distributorship. It is a company that I have been in for over 10 years! so, I am excited about my changes and looking forward to all the next steps in front of me..

Other Changes!

At the moment I am using Namecheap for webhosting. It has been a chore to get settled. I had lots of problems that need a friend of mine from Twitter to come in and take care of. Jim was amazing and did everything for me. He is a Web developer champ and if it weren’t for his moving all my sites over and doing all the heavy lifting I would have lost all my websites completely, because of my ignorance!

Yes you heard me right. I met this associate on Twitter and he has become a great friend and trusted associate, at that! Odd, but, true and so glad I did.

Well, that whole experience took over two weeks to sort out and was so time-consuming, but, I am now rested and looking forward to spending my extra time and energy on helping get people like you and me a income online without consuming a very sensitive warm market! Thus, I invite you on the journey!

I hope you are having a great summer so far and that it would truly be a lazy happy time for us all. Summer just goes by too fast!


12 Ways to Avoid Scams Online!


Avodiscamsonline picWhen you hear about people getting scammed online, you have to wonder how they could be so dumb, right!? Well, it happens more than you think and it happens to smart, savvy people all the time. It is humiliating! I know! It happened to my husband and I!

Long story short, hubby sold a  laptop computer on Craigslist. The West Coast buyer paid via counterfeit cashiers check. Imagine that! Before we knew it, though, it was too late!

Who is Stopping YOU from Being Scammed?

Are you expecting  your spouse or a good friend and confidant that you trust to keep up on scams or warn you of a potential scam? Are you prepared with enough information yourself to prevent a scammer?

Because, in all honesty, your knowledge or lack of knowledge is the only thing, the only weapon you have  standing between a thief scamming you or not. In many cases, by the time, a friend or spouse finds out, the mistake is already made. The damage is already done.

I was recently reading an article in the Reader’s Digest which prompted me to write this post. The article speaks of a woman who fell in love with a con man whom she meet through an online dating service. She only communicated with him via emails.

This person, Duane or Dewayne(they could not even remember how to spell their own name!) asked her for money many times, which she sent  with the promise that (he) would come see her, but, something always happened to detain that visit, so, she never got to meet (him)!

(He) scammed her and she  lost a ton of money to a virtual stranger. No one knows who “he” really was or where this person (or persons )really lives, and who is still out there ready for the next victim. Someone unprepared and unsuspecting, who would have no clue what to look for.

If this is you, read on.

3 Important Points to Remember To Avoid Scams!

In the video above, I discuss 3 of the primary things , the 3 R’s,you need to consider to successfully avoid scams online. Plus, I pull  a trick on you, see if you can find it!

  • Know who you are talking to=Real.
  • Know who they are associated with= Relationship.
  • Make sure  the people and their programs  are fully vetted before you even consider them= Relevant.

Like mama always says, don’t talk to strangers! It is old, but, good advice still worth listening to.

12 Ways to Avoid Scams Online!

  1. Do stay off dating
  2. Do not contact strangers, particularly, those whom you have no mutual relations with.
  3. Do not answer or reply to strangers that you cannot associate anyone with on Facebook, Twitter etc. Block people you do not know if they start out a message with Hey, I want to know you better! . Particularly, if they have no posts or Tweets in their  accounts or their account is new and they have no friends or followers. Beware!
  4. Do NOT give money to a person you do not personally know and have only known of online.
  5. Do NOT send money to Nigeria! Period. Most scams originate in Africa and Nigeria.
  6.  Do not wire unusual fees or payments to otherwise legitimate services or government services, such as the IRS, They will  not email you and ask you to wire, transfer or send such things via Western Union  or MoneyGram, etc. to them ever!
  7. Publisher’s Clearinghouse will not  email you or ask you to pay for fees to claim a prize, EVER! Never send them money, particularly, to Jamaica!
  8. Tell this to everyone you know.
  9. Do stay off of suspicious websites.
  10. Do NOT give Network Marketers your information or personal details.
  11. Use caution when buying online with your cellphone as these devices can fail to protect you from what you computer might normally.
  12. ALWAYS take your time and never rush into a decision or a once in a life time opportunity! Stop! Think! Wait! If it is a good deal today, it will be a good deal tomorrow or MAYBE, not! Maybe, you just saved yourself some money down the drain by waiting and see if it is too good to be true, since, usually,  it usually is!

The Web Makes It Easy!

You see, the web has allowed people too easily to take on identities that are not their own.  They can put up a fake picture. A fake profile. They can be males posing as females or females posing as males or you could have several people posing as one person or even a corporation or business.  This is why you must be very diligent to make sure you know who your friends are and who you are doing business with.

It is so easy for a would be scammer to pull a fast one on a potential unsuspecting victim, simply because they never thought about it. So, please, right NOW, think about it. Think about the chances of the next victim being you and how YOU can prevent it!

Even then, there is the possibility that the people who we are dealing with are still not the people they say they are, but, at least, we up our chances!

I had a good friend years ago whose mother had a boyfriend. I saw him at our place of work with her all the time. He was tall, silver haired and lived with her for many months.  As quickly as he appeared , He vanished without a word. One day he just up and left. Disappeared. Never to come back.

I add this  scenario simply to say, if you cannot trust someone you know and see, then, why on earth would you want to trust a complete stranger  from only an email or an online ad or announcement of any sort?

You need think about what you are doing, because, in the end, you will not be able to blame anyone else, but, yourself.  Police rarely can catch an online scammer. Much less, bring one to justice. Think about THAT.

legit-online-jobs-scamWe THINK we know people, but, do we really?! We think we are smart and savvy and can spot a con a mile away, but, can we really!?

Please be careful and never give out your money and information unless you don’t care to see it again. Most of us work way too hard to part easily with our money. Your knowledge is  the only thing standing between you and a scammer!

Be safe out there and please, I hope and pray you are always fully  informed  so, that you can  do all you can to avoid scams online and help others by passing this information on! Alrighty then! Thank you for reading and please do  leave me a comment to let me know if this article has helped you in any way!

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Web Based Income for Busy Moms Under $50 a Month



Web-Based Income2

If you’re a busy mom interested in working at home, you’re really  going to need to know exactly what it is that will be to your be advantage in  a work from  home or online based business!busy-mom (1)

There are endless numbers of “opportunities” being offered online, but, you need to look carefully at ALL the details, because, part of the problem with many of them is that they do not always give you the details until you send them money.

You could find yourself spending a fortune simply purchasing one of these “opportunities” since there tend to be  those  hidden up-sells. For those of you who do not know what an up-sell is, well, it is defined, in my terms, as a ploy to take more money from you in order to unlock more options or upgrades for the program.

Check out my video and get ready to learn how you can have a web-based income for $50 or less a month!

For one example: I recently was interested in one particular program, which offered a 10 day trail for $10.00.  Sounds great, right?! Unfortunately, after the trail expires, one is automatically put on a monthly plan of 49.99, yet, that was just for the first level. They have a second level and even a third level.  If you cancel, you are gone forever and cannot come back. That does not sound real nice, does it? Or the other recent one that is 10.00 dollars a  day, which actually equates into $300 a month. What?!?

My little helper

Finding which company that will be the greatest web based make money at home company for you is going to depend on you and what you enjoy and are good at.

With regards to  the number of home based companies being offered you will  find much outside of the box anymore  in terms of conventional business models. You have a virtual plethora to choose from!

So, when searching for a business that will be the perfect fit for you, among the best things you can do is find something you’re intrigued in or, like I always say, what you love!

That might not be the answer you had been looking for, however, it does not matter how good the company is, if you’re not enthusiastic about it! Nor will you  experience  long lasting success.

Rule Number One! Do what you love, love what you do, especially, when you throw in a busy mom into the mix. Particularly, when you throw a busy mom in the mix!

So, what does the internet really have to offer?

And I am not talking about making cupcakes and cookies, either! Nothing wrong with that if you are a baker and If you are, GO for it! I support you 100%!!

>>>>>(Maybe, though, I just gave you the idea to make a website for your baked goods! Great, but, how do you create a cta_bannerwebsite? I am all about making websites based on doing what you love! Check it out here how to build and market your website!>>>>>

The Best Work At Home Opportunities for Busy Moms Are…

I have been looking around for awhile now and it is an absolute zoo out there for us ladies! Men can just about go out and do anything! But for the ladies, WITH kids, it gets complicated!

So, for a busy mom with kiddos,  who are looking to make a web based income for under 50 dollars a month, I have found that:

A. Blogging is by far the very best work at home opportunity out there. You can get a  website for free  in many cases and monetize it  just as easily. What the plans are. How do the plans compare to each other? Do they charge you monthly or yearly for a cheaper “monthly” fee?   I have found that on WordPress, you cannot monetize the free website format, but, for $8 dollars more , you can, which equals to about $96 that they bill you YEARLY.  Make sure you know  how, what and when you will be billed!

B. Finding a great product that you love  and using network or online marketing, has the ability to help you build a successful career, especially, if you have supportive friends and family or even better a caring and knowledgeable partner/team leader, who can giving you the best . particularly, for busy moms or those with illness that cannot have parties or afford inventory!

C. Creating a gig or service that you can provide for other , such as writing, editing articles for websites. Creating graphics, music,  announcements, business cards, logos. The list is endless….

Be sure to check out all compensation plans on service providers and ask many questions BEFORE you sign up. Do you have to sell or  buy a certain amount of  gigs or products a month? Or is there a monthly/yearly fee? How much do you get off your gig service or product? What is the training? Particularly, the training! etc.  Always ask questions and be suspicious of anyone trying to rush you.  A really good deal for you is one the one that is not rushed into!!

24.-Wanita-Seksi-yang-Paling-Diimpikan-Pria2I have checked out quite a few “opportunities” in my adventures and here is what I have found!

Many  of them are based on push marketing, not attraction marketing! To be successful, one needs only one thing! Education. With the power of the internet, you can get all the qualified leads you need, aka attraction marketing, but, to do that You need some information to go on. Who to target and how to target!?! We will talk about this in a later post…

If you are doing what you love, you will be able to do this all day. So,  for now, I give you two of the best ways to make money. As well, think about who out there can you really trust to get you through the long haul and see you through to a prosperous future?! Let’s take a look at a few trusted names in web world..

The #1 work At Home web based business is……

(Okay, you did not think it would be that easy, did you!?!) LOL! Hold on, I am hopefully not going to let you down. Let’s look a a few of the contenders, at least, in no particular order! There is also a great vlog here with some good information that could be helpful, but, most of them are NOT going to be be cheap which is why I narrowed my list to $50 dollars and under.

Web-Based Business for an Online Income!image003-e1460048156271-300x243

#1. Wealthy Affiliate has a free basic/bare bone/2 fee websites membership package and a Premium membership package for $47.99 a month, which includes, how to build a website, how to make money with your website in training, videos, webinars, live chat and more.

#2. Jerky Direct is 14.75 per month. Website included.

#3. Forever Living is free to join. They have Aloe Vera and other health products, as well as essential oils. No inventory requirements. No pressure to buy more than you need!

#4. Usana is 30 dollars a month. With that gives you their business development system. Their tagline is Nutritional You Can Trust by using the purest ingredients and stringent testing.

#5.  Avon has a 15 dollar sign up fee! You need to by your own brochures each month.

#6. Beachbody is $39.95 to sign up and then $15.95 a month thereafter.

#7. AmazingGrape( which is the MLM I am a part of) is $33.00 a month. You get a bottle of Premium Muscadine Grape seed/      skin plus a website, which we fondly call a business in a box!

#8. WordPress has good plans for creating a website if you already know what you are doing. To create a simple blog is free, but, to be able to customize or monetize it, you would need to buy the $8.95 per month package or the $24.92 per month package, both of which are billed YEARLY. Don’t let that snag you!

#9. gives you everything for a website-Free-. Other options are from $4 to $24!

#10.Check out this blog for more website builders!

11. Check out and create a gig and sell your special services. You only need to take one look at their expansive list to see the incredible and endless opportunities you have to help others.

I hope that you will find that an impressive, but, still tidy list to see all the possibilities before you in creating an income online. It is certainly not a get rich quick scheme and could take more than a year to make any kind of income, but, with the right people, skills, and knowledge, which I hope to help you with.. It may not take as long as you think!

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Marketing Strategies: What NOT to Do!

(Hi, everybody, I wanted to share a video I did recently talking about some frustrations I have and wanting to find good usable information from the get go. As I find it I hope to share that information here and to make this website a place to FIND that information YOU can trust. I hope you like the video, bad lighting, grammar and all!)


Well hello there.  This is PJ with PJ Lucas Online, and I thought I would just say hi to everybody and let you know what’s going on.  Unfortunately My little helperthere is a lawn mower right now, going outside my window at the very moment, the very day that I want to do a video.  Here is the lawn mower.  I mean isn’t that just Murphy’s Law?!


So anyway, I wanted to talk about today, “Marketing Goals and Strategies” or the lack thereof, I know for myself I have a goal, I have a strategy, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.  So where do I go to find those answers?  That is probably my biggest problem right now, trying to find the answers for what works for me and I am frustrated because I know what I want, I know what I want to do.  I just need to get it there.  I need to get my website there, I need to get my videos there, I need to get my social media there and actually the social media is a little bit simpler than everything else.


You know you pick one social media, you focus on it and keep it going.  So I am learning that, which is awesome.  But for those of us who have goals to make $500,000 a year, where is that plan? (I know that is a bit of a stretch! LOL) You know what does it look like?  And how does a busy mom like me, a busy wife, how to implement that?  How to get there?  You know there are people that are doing that, what do they do?  There is so much information on the web right now, it’s incredible.


So let’s weed it all out!  Let’s find a specific place to get our information, to get good information on the first time around that works for us.  You know that’s a goal of mine, I want to go where the information that I need is to see my success, to see my goals become a success.


unsureaYou  know what I mean,  isn’t that you too, are you frustrated?  Do you hear the frustration in my voice wanting to get all this going, and here I am young in the business, I understand that, I get that.  I am patient, but I want to make sure that I am doing what needs to be done.


I want to make sure that I am on target that I am doing something that is working not something that, “oh!  6 months down the road, oops big mistake, it’s not working, oh my”!  I don’t want that and I want to help prevent that for others as well.  So that’s the reason for my video and I think that’s the turn that I really want my website to go in as the mistakes not to make.  So you can watch me, you can watch my videos, ooh the lights didn’t raise, ooh the shadings wrong, you know whatever, I want to make that funny, but learn from me what not to do.  I think that would be a better thing, I think that’s a good plan.


So with that said, I found a great Momprenaur named and she has some really great videos about sharing her information without icky and I thought, “wow!  That is just what we need, that’s what a busy mom needs, that what a busy anybody needs, people.  We need information that works right out the get-go.  I mean I appreciate all these network marketing systems like MLSP or RSPV whatever – whatever it is.  You know I appreciate the people that make those things work, but it’s just more money coming out you know and for homepreneurs like you and me, we need to stop the money emerging, we need to stop the money and do what takes us closest to the money, but as well we need to get it going in the right direction already.


So that’s just kind of my rant for the day.  Thank you for listening and if you have any comments, suggestions or direction, “Holler at me”, put a help buttoncomment down here.  I would love to hear from you and I would love to hear what you have to think about this.  So I wish you all the best.


Thank you for being with me on this journey.  And I hope you have a great day.  Thanks.


One place that I really think you will find helpful is Wealthy affiliate. I really believe that it has been one of the greatest tools helping me to find my voice online and is a great community of people that helps each other find answers.. Check it out!

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